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Reports: Juventus closing in on signing Juan Cuadrado on loan again

United States v Columbia: Third Place - Copa America Centenario Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Juan Cuadrado rumors are back in our lives and it seems as though they’re not going away any time soon, folks. Well, unless Juventus and Chelsea strike some kind of deal in the very near future.

And it’s not like Juventus is going to suddenly lose interest in acquiring a player that had some very, very good moments at the club last season.

According to reports out of Italy — including La Gazzetta dello Sport and Gianluca Di Marzio — Juventus are closing in on re-signing Cuadrado on loan for a second consecutive season. That loan deal, much like was stated earlier in the week, would include a higher loan fee than a year ago, but the overall transfer fee come next summer wouldn’t be the same as the one that Juve passed on a couple of months ago.

Here’s what Di Marzio is saying about the matter:

(Juventus) are also strongly pursuing Juan Cuadrado as the player now seems closer to join: There will be a meeting on Monday between the involved parties as they will look to find an agreement for the Chelsea winger ( a dry loan). Chelsea seem ready to accept Juventus' offer as Cuadrado's agent Alessandro Lucci, is working hard to make a deal happen.

A guy most of us around here, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, had this to say about Cuadrado maybe potentially possibly joining Juventus before the transfer window closes:

"For Cuadrado we are waiting, waiting on the situation," Conte said. "It must become more clear about his position. Now he's Chelsea's player. Today he had training with us."

(Source: ESPNFC)

So, if we were to pull out our Cuadrad-O-Meter, I’d say that the odds of the Colombian winger — at least right now — point towards him making a return to Turin and wearing No. 16 once again.

It’s pretty to easy to figure out that even with Juventus not picking up Cuadrado’s buy option earlier this summer that the interest to bring him aboard is still there. And when Di Marzio says that Chelsea are basically ready to accept an offer for Cuadrado, you’ve got to think that something is happening relatively soon.

I guess that means we get to talk about even more speed on the wings than is currently there. Same goes for afros. Get your wigs ready if you want to start planning ahead for a potential move.