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Reports: Juventus striker Simone Zaza agrees to Wolfsburg move

Juventus FC v Frosinone Calcio - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

According to word out of Italy, Simone Zaza has been convinced that his future now lies in Germany. (Got that? It should make some kind of sense — even though it sounds like the start of a United Nations article.)

All the major outlets in Italy have stated that Zaza, who has been the subject of transfer rumors seemingly ever since he signed with Juventus, has agreed to move to Wolfsburg before the summer transfer window comes to an end. What sealed it? Oh, I’d say the chance to play a lot more than he probably will this season at Juve. And, I dunno, the reported four-year contract worth €3.5 million a season that Wolfsburg is offering.

I guess it’s safe to say that trip to Germany went relatively well, huh.

More, courtesy of Gianluca Di Marzio:

Zaza even met the Wolfsburg president and coach,as they would like to have him at their disposal before the German cup game, which will be played next week (they even told him that they would like him to feature in the game).

As Wolfsburg received Zaza's yes, they will now re-open negotiations with Juventus on Monday to find a definitive agreement.

I mean, if the fact that Wolfsburg want Zaza to be an option for their cup game next weekend is true, I think that means a deal is pretty close to being finalized. And when you consider that it’s been reported earlier in the week that Juventus and Wolfsburg have pretty already agreed to the outline of a deal, then Zaza’s German exposition could very well be starting sooner rather than later.

I hope for his sake it ends up being a little better than the last few Italians who have gone over to play in the Bundesliga in recent memory.

It’s not quite Pogba business. But to spin a player you bought for €18 million a summer ago for a reported €25 million, that’s just a good piece of business. Especially so when you consider this is your fourth or fifth striker and a younger option with loads of potential could be on the way after the Olympics are over, too.