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Report: Paul Pogba wants to stay in Turin, Juventus totally okay with it

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When we wake up, there are Paul Pogba transfer rumors. When we get ready to go to sleep, there are Paul Pogba transfer rumors. Every single day we see it happening. Twitter, Facebook, websites galore — it doesn't matter. Rumors say Pogba will demand a record-breaking fee and that it's either Real Madrid or Manchester United.

But when you see Pogba transfer rumors, what's the thing that's usually missing in them all? It's the fact that maybe, just maybe, Pogba wants to stay at Juventus.

For some, that would hard to believe seeing as some corners of the press have made it seem like a certainty that Pogba is leaving Juventus this summer. But when it comes to what Sky Sport Italia's Gianluca Di Marzio told us Friday night, it's something very different — and maybe not all too surprising — compared to what we've been reading in the press for pretty much the last couple of weeks and/or months.

We can throw out all the reports about Pogba supposedly wanting to leave or how we've heard that friends are saying he wants to go to Manchester United or whatever. The fact still remains that, at least when Pogba talks in public, not once has he said that he has the desire to leave Juventus. Not once.

And what GDM is saying above is basically just what some of us have thought for months.

That €13 million salary that United are reportedly dangling in front of Pogba's face like it's a carrot on a string? Nah, not interested. Come again next time!

Is this a way to confirm what a lot of us already feel is the truth? Sure. When it comes to Pogba staying at Juventus, the only thing better than a reputable source reporting that Pogba is going to stay at the club is the player himself saying it. But still, every indication that Pogba is staying is good news — and this is one of those instances.