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Reports: Manchester United 'ready to offer' €120 million for Paul Pogba

It could be something. It could be a load of crap. You decide.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The Paul Pogba rumors will never die. They're basically as constant as us getting up in the morning, shaking the cobwebs out of our heads and then getting our day started. They're nothing new. They will be around for the entirety of Pogba's career at Juventus — no matter if it's two more weeks, another month or another season or two.

The latest batch of rumors — and take them as you want them — include a potential bid being made by the team that Pogba arrived from nearly a half-decade ago. There are reports out of both Italy and England about said bid being prepared by Manchester United. Here's what the Italian end, in the form of Gianluca Di Marzio, had to say on the matter:

Manchester United's interest in him remains high. Manchester United are ready to make an important offer for Pogba: 120 million euros, which Raiola will present to Juventus at the end of the tournament.

Juventus consider Pogba very important, we now have to see how they will react to such an offer. Manchester United already have an agreement in principle with the player: 13 million euros per season net of taxes.

First, if United want to offer me €13 million a year to do something, I'm down.

Secondly, this is a lot of money. Record-breaking with a large margin kind of transfer fee happening, too.

Thirdly, who knows if we should actually believe it because it could just be the next step in a long line of Pogba rumors that have turned out to be utter nonsense. It goes way back to even when Pogba wasn't a Juve player. How many times did we hear he had signed for Juventus before he, you know, actually signed for Juventus?

This rumored pursuit by United may end up being true. Or, we could just see Pogba signing a new contract with a BIG pay raise whenever he comes back from his post-Euro 2016 vacation. It wouldn't be the first time something like the second part has happened. And knowing that Pogba is a wanted commodity, Juventus could very well ease things with a nice little bump up in his already very good salary.

We know this won't be the last Pogba-related matter we'll hear about this summer. Who knows how much of it will actually be something that merits acknowledgement, though.