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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus announce Álvaro Morata is going back to Real Madrid

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It has been over two weeks since Juventus director general Beppe Marotta confirmed that Álvaro Morata was heading back to Real Madrid. The buyback clause was activated and all parties involved had acknowledged that the young Spaniard was on his way back to where it all began. Heck, we even got a goodbye letter from Álvaro as a parting gift.

The only thing left was the official announcement where we got all of the financial details and other mumbo jumbo.

Come Wednesday, even before the new away jerseys could be thrown onto the racks, we got those numbers that we have been waiting to hear about for weeks now. From Juventus' press office, the official details of the Morata buyback clause extravaganza:

Turin, 6 July 2016 -Following the exercise by Real Madrid Club de Fútbol of the option right to buy back the registration rights of the player Alvaro Borja Morata Martin, Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that the definitive disposal of the same player has been finalized for a consideration of € 30 million payable in two financial years, net of the amount still due by Juventus for the purchase of the same player (€ 10.7 million). This transaction generates a positive economic effect, in 2016/2017 financial year, for about € 16 million and a net positive cash flow of € 19.3 million in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 financial year.

Yes, that's the same €30 million price tag that was worked into the deal to bring Morata to Juventus two summers earlier. So, in that aspect, it's something that we should have expected no matter how we felt about the deal.

But, with this announcement, we learned a couple of things we might not have known when Marotta initially confirmed that Real Madrid had picked up the option to bring Morata back to the club.

  • Juventus still owe Real Madrid a figure of €10.7 million from the initial purchase two years ago.
  • Real Madrid activating the buyback clause will give Juventus a profit of €16 million.
  • Juventus will have an annual net profit of €19.3 million with Morata going back to Real Madrid.

Learn something new everyday, don't you?

We all knew that Morata going back to Real Madrid was going to happen. But, like Marotta said in his initial confirmation, there were still things to be worked out and details to be finalized. That's fine. It's not like a €30 million buyback clause is supposed to be cut and dry. And as much as a lot of us wanted Morata to be back, now we get to see what Juventus do with this money. Maybe it's going toward somebody like Juan Cuadrado, or maybe it's just for an unknown quantity that the Italian press is about to let us know about. Things will happen, and soon we will surely discuss them.