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Stefano Sturaro suffers knee injury while on international duty with Italy at Euro 2016

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

It doesn't matter if it's an international friendly or a major international tournament, there's always going to be a fear that a Juventus player will come out of the run with their respective national team with an injury. It's there like a mosquito hanging over your head while you're trying to fall asleep. Buzz, buzz, buzz! You're going to be reminded of it no matter what.

And, a day after Sami Khedira was ruled out for the rest of Euro 2016 with a thigh injury, Juventus and Italy midfielder Stefano Sturaro has been diagnosed with a knee injury he suffered over the weekend. Here's the statement on the matter, courtesy of Juventus' official website:

Stefano Sturaro suffered a twisted right knee during Saturday evening's European Championship quarter-final clash between Italy and Germany in France.

Sturaro's injury, which is in the medial collateral ligament area of his knee, will be monitored as the midfielder proceeds with the appropriate treatment.

But I guess we should have known something like this was coming, seeing as this is what Sturaro had to say after Italy's quarterfinal loss to Germany on Saturday night:

"I sprained my knee in the first half, but I did what was necessary, because we couldn't think about tomorrow."

(Source: Football Italia)

As you read above, there are no details about how severe the injury is, just that there is something wrong with Sturaro's knee — which can mean a lot of things. Knee injuries are tricky, and I guess the fact that Juventus are monitoring the situation means that the severity could be seen as they aren't totally sure how long Sturaro will be out for just yet.

That could be a good thing. That could be a bad thing.

Yeah, so playing with injuries probably isn't a good idea. And seeing as Juve are already down one central midfielder with a knee injury in Claudio Marchisio and the only true massive weak point of Khedira's game is that he is becoming increasingly susceptible to injuries as he gets closer to celebrating his 30th birthday, having anybody else miss serious time probably isn't the best thing to have happen.

We'll be monitoring the timetable for Sturaro's return just like Juventus will. And I guess the good thing is that this has happened in early July when the next game isn't for another six weeks compared to being the end of October when there's three games in seven days.

I like how we're going into Juventus starting preseason training with three midfielders already injured. And by "like," I mean that all of the injuries this team has dealt with over the last 12 months are incredibly stupid and I would like them to stop immediately.