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Adidas releases zebra-themed Juventus third kit for 2016-17 season

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With the 2016-17 Serie A campaign quickly approaching, it subsequently marks the end of another season. No, not transfer season. We still have another month or so of that nonsense and the rumors that come with it. What I’m talking about is something that also has a decent amount of rumors attached to it.

That would be kit unveiling season.

With Juve’s home and away kits already released, there was only one more step to go in the three-uniform setup. That would be the seldom-used third kit, one that Juventus only sported on a handful of occasions in their first season with the three-striped sports outlet that just so happens to use the same bianconero color scheme. So, behold, your new Juventus third kit for the 2016-17 season...

#FirstNeverFollows The 2016/17 Juventus third kit.

A photo posted by Juventus Football Club (@juventus) on


Proving the leaked images of a few months ago right again, I guess this shouldn’t exactly be a surprise to many of you as to what Hernanes is donning above. While it’s rather interesting that Juve’s third kit consists of the same two colors that the home kit has, I would like to think something with a little character to it would be appreciated a little more than just something a little more....blasé.

The jersey release, just like last season, had an accompanying video that didn’t really make much sense at all. It could have been worse, though. Remember last season when adidas had an old-ish lady revving up a big chainsaw and chopping right through the center of a stuffed bear? Yeah, that was a little odd.

So good on adidas for not doing that again.

I just feel like I’ve seen something like this 2016-17 third kit before...

Juventus FC v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Ah, that’s right. I have seen this before. Although that had the Nike swoosh on it. This has, well, the adidas logo and a Scudetto patch. And a Coppa Italia patch. And three stars above the Juventus crest instead of just two. And is designed with much more tolerable colors. So, yeah, I like this one better.