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Reports: Manchester United close signing Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba for €110 million

AC Milan v Juventus FC - TIM Cup Final Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

No matter when Paul Pogba was going to leave Juventus, we figured the figure it would take to get the French midfielder to depart Turin would be into the nine figures. That means that the clubs interested in signing the 23-year-old Frenchman would have to pony up the goods — and that’s even if Juve were in the mood to actually sell him.

We might be reaching that selling point soon.

According to reports in Italy and England, Manchester United are on the verge — no, it might actually be happening this time — of signing Pogba, their cherished transfer target this summer. Weeks of negotiations have come and gone, and now it looks as though Juventus and United have settled on pretty much all of the details that will see one of the world’s most talented players head back to the English Premier League after arriving in Italy four years ago.

And the price to have Pogba go from Juventus to Manchester United, you might ask?

The sticking point and where things get a little whacky in terms of what’s being reported in Italy is just how the part of the equation of the fee due to Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, will be paid. Some say it will be United paying it, others say it will be Juventus paying it.

(Side note: No matter what, I hope this is the last Juventus-Raiola thing we’re writing about for a little bit.)

The word “imminent” or phrase “over the next couple of days” has been used a lot since negotiations with United over a potential deal began.

Maybe it happens Friday. Maybe it happens Saturday or Sunday. Maybe it happens when most of us are trying to get some sleep. Who knows, really. But pretty much every sign out there right now points to Pogba changing in bianconero for a little more of a red-clad wardrobe to go along with his massive influx in his bank account. Hey, that’s cool.