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VOTD: Gonzalo Higuain's first day as a Juventus player

Here's a hint: Juventus fans were happy to see him.

Gonzalo Higuain showed up at the Turin airport with a black vest and a white shirt. Coincidence? Probably not. Fitting considering what club he had just been added to? Well, absolutely.

Wednesday was indeed Higuain Day in Turin.

If you didn't know any better, you'd think a bunch of people standing around the outside of the airport during regular work hours was some kind of problem. But when your favorite club's new star striker rolls into town and dons a black and white scarf to go along with his black and white outfit for the first time, you're willing to make some exceptions.

While reports stated that Higuain had already undergone medical examinations in Spain, Wednesday was also the day for the 28-year-old Argentinian to get the all-clear from the staff at JMedical. That happened, and as you can see from the video above, it didn't take Higuain long to get onto the training ground at Vinovo.

Another thing that was expected to happen? Higuain getting his jersey number.

Although it wasn't at a press conference like pretty much all of Juventus' other signings the past two summers, Higuain took the balcony like Carlos Tevez did when he first arrived and revealed his new No. 9 shirt to the masses. That's no surprise, really. Alvaro Morata is no longer a Juventus player, the No. 9 shirt was open for the taking, and Higuain is known wearer of the No. 9 throughout his career.

Put all of those things together and you have Juventus' new No. 9 being a hit with the folks in Turin.

It is expected on Thursday that Higuain will be unveiled to the media as a Juventus player for the first time. He'll probably hold up his new jersey and show off his new -- yet kinda same -- number at the same time while posing for pictures with Beppe Marotta and whoever else is there. It will be another chance to talk about Higuain's move to Juventus. Why is that good? Because it's not all too often that we see Juve splashing €90 million on a player from a direct rival -- or anybody for that matter -- during a summer transfer window.