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Dinamo Zagreb winger Marko Pjaca undergoing Juventus medical

Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

After days of hearing about decisive days and decisions being made, Dinamo Zagreb winger Marko Pjaca has decided upon his future. That's not just because his Facebook page has been updated with a goodbye message for his Dinamo supporters. It's also due to the fact that yards of folks are lined up outside the walls of JMedical wanting to get their first in-person look of the latest Juventus acquisition.

Yes, today can be considered #PjacaDay.

And with that comes Pjaca undergoing wearing the usual questionable fasion choices as he is undergoing his medical examinations. There will be a contract signing afterward because it always seems to work that way with these kinds of things. That will mean that Pjaca's signing, one that will reportedly cost Juventus €22 million, will be completed and the latest young talent will be added to a roster that is already brimming with quality talent in their early- or mid-20s.

Ah, now that's a good tweet. I like good tweets. I don't like bad tweets. Juventus' Twitter account has lots of good tweets. And when it comes to signing good players, the tweets are usually good. (I'll stop with this train of thought now.)

Pjaca's arrival will add to an already impressive haul by Beppe Marotta, Fabio Paratici and the rest of the Juventus management team. Just think about the four signings they have made this summer — Miralem Pjanic, Dani Alves, Medhi Benatia and now Pjaca — and they're all players who will add something that Juventus were in need of. And when it comes to Pjaca, name the last time Juventus has signed a 21-year-old winger with a significant amount of upside like they've just brought in?

Forget all of the transfer rumors going on for just a couple of minutes and appreciate with Juventus has been able to accomplish this summer. When it comes to the incoming players, it's been pretty damn good if you ask me.