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Paul Pogba has been sold to Manchester United, unless he hasn't been

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Eat. Sleep. Wake up to Paul Pogba transfer rumors.

It's everyday life at this point. Like it or not, until Pogba eventually leaves Juventus — in two days, two weeks, two transfer windows, two years — this is the state of operations we currently live in because he will be a player who likely demands a price we've never seen somebody pay before. More than €100 million, folks. Much, much more.

That was ever so the case as nighttime hit in Europe on Wednesday night as L'EQUIPE reported that Juventus accepted Manchester United's €120 million bid for Pogba, who's currently off enjoying his post-Euro 2016 holiday and apparently playing basketball against Romelu Lukaku. It, predictably, brought down the absolute house in terms of transfer rumor freakout. Don't believe me? Go back and look at Twitter from a couple of hours ago. If it doesn't resemble a dumpster fire of emotions, then I don't know how else to describe it.

And then we have the Italian side of the equation..

Both Italian sources, both saying there has been an uptick in terms of a bid being made. Nothing about Juventus accepting said offer from Manchester United. Nothing at all.

Which one is the more believable?

Considering that L'EQUIPE is notorious for not being all too accurate with its transfer rumors and that word out of Italy is basically saying the deal is still in the works, I'll side with those reports out of Italy more than those of France. Sure, the "(Pogba) is preparing to leave Juventus" part is nothing that really makes you optimistic about the whole situation, but it's also part of a piece of information that says a deal has not been reached just yet.

Because there is so much conflicting information out there right now — Real Madrid has reportedly re-entered the fray causing even more freakout about a potential bidding war — it sure would be nice for Beppe Marotta to come out and squash what is going on for what will seem like the 200th time this summer. And it's not like with this talk swirling about regarding Pogba leaving there's one reputable source putting its foot in the ground and saying that he's going to stay in Turin for the next (insert somewhat logical number here) amount of years.

This is what some folks will call a "fluid situation." The only problem is, when it comes to Pogba, there's so much being thrown out there by some — not all — sources that are not very reputable at best, the sutiation can become even that much more jumbled and murky.

At this point, all we know is that Manchester United want to sign Pogba, Juventus want A LOT of money for Pogba and that there may or may not be a last-ditch attempt by Real Madrid to get back in the game.

You got that? Okay, good.

Maybe Paul Pogba is staying. Maybe Paul Pogba is leaving. I really have no idea anymore. I'm just so confused. The only thing that seems certain is that these constant transfer rumors are about to make my head explode. And I'm sure that's surprising considering we've been dealing with stuff like this for months and months and months now.