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Report: Manchester United make offer for Paul Pogba, Juventus thoroughly reject it

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Sorry, folks. Living in a world where Paul Pogba transfer rumors are sucking the life out of everybody's daily whereabouts and shenanigans. They are ever-present as ever-present gets. They just seemed to be kicked more and more into overdrive as the weeks go by this summer.

We've reached the point in the process — what that process is, exactly, I don't really know — where Manchester United, the only team still relatively on the trail to sign Pogba, has reportedly submitted a bid for the French midfielder who is likely to fetch a cool €100 million at the very least. And, as is pretty much to be expected, Juventus has kicked that offer to the curb and rejected what many are considering the first bid by United in its attempt to acquire Pogba this summer.

Here is a little bit more on the matter from the folks doing the reporting on it:

Juventus have rejected Manchester United's first offer for Paul Pogba worth a total of £100m with £13m of that in performance-related add-ons. The Serie A club want United to pay £100m with a further £8m in add-ons, which would make the Frenchman the most expensive player ever.

Manchester United's executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward met the Juventus directors Giuseppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici as well as the player's agent, Mino Raiola, on Tuesday to discuss a possible transfer but was told that the opening bid fell short of what Juventus wanted for the player.

(Source: The Guardian)

Is it surprising that United have reportedly tabled a bid for Pogba? No.

Is it surprising that Juventus have reported thwarted any attempt by United to sign Pogba? No.

For as much as many of the folks in the press want to make it seem like it's a certainty that Pogba is leaving Turin this summer, it's not like Pogba has publicly given any kind of indication he wants to go to another club. (I'll believe the player himself rather than the Gazzetta dello Sport, thank you very much.) Juventus has never given any kind of indication they want to sell. And I guess this is the latest confirmation of Max Allegri's words just a couple of days earlier regarding the fact that Juventus aren't in any kind of mood to be a selling club.

The contract that Pogba is supposedly being offered is just as insane — if not more — than the €120 million or so worth of transfer fee money. But hey, if this all results in Pogba getting a nice big raise and sticking with Juventus for a little while longer, then that's fine, too. I mean, it's not like those in the Juventus camp been keeping their Champions League ambitions a secret over the last couple of weeks, right?