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Mino Raiola: Paul Pogba 'is in no rush' to leave Juventus

This is ... not shocking.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Some of the time when we hear agents talk, we throw it out the window because we know that what they're saying is completely out of left field. Then there's the rather interesting twists and turns that come with every single Mino Raiola interview — which could probably be thrown into their own unique category if we feel like going there. (Although it's not suggested.)

Monday brought us not one, but two Mino interviews. And the general message of it is one that is relatively good news when it comes to Paul Pogba staying right where he is. Not just in one interview, but in both of them. What's better than one confirmation that Pogba wants to stay at Juventus? Well, two — even if it's from the same guy and his name is Mino Raiola.

"There is a lot of talk about Paul's future, but maybe he will not leave Juventus," Raiola told the Times.

"He is in no rush to leave, and Juventus do not want him to go. They want him to renew his contract.

"Paul is not desperate to move. We are very happy at Juventus and they are a club that want to keep their star players.

"Juventus have treated Paul exceptionally well. They are a fantastic club and they believe in him."

(Source: Football Italia)

And yet, later in the day on Monday, Mino had this to say about Pogba's future at Juventus:

"Juve don't want to lose Pogba, they want him to stay for a long time," Raiola explained to Sky.

"And he doesn't feel that he wants to leave Juventus.

"Will he stay then? I don't rule anything out, not even a transfer to another club because the transfer window is long, it closes in September.

"Between Raiola and every club in the world there's an open channel, not just Manchester United."

(Source: Football Italia)

I don't know about you guys, but to see Raiola come out and say all of this, after all of his other statements this summer, is rather amusing. He is one of the big-time agents for a reason — he doesn't necessarily have any kind of desire to apese the clubs his players are at, but have the best interest of his clients in mind. Do we think that Raiola leaving the door open for Pogba to head to another club isn't related to potentially getting a pay raise for Juventus' No. 10? Yeah, that's exactly what Raiola is going for, if not already starting talks with Juve.

So if we see Juventus announcing a Pogba contract extension soon, then you'll have your answer.

But the main message that is privy to this discussion is the fact that Raiola, who has said some things this summer that have made plenty of us raise our eyebrows, has openly admitted what we all want to hear — Pogba doesn't want leave Juventus and that Juve have absolutely no intention to sell him. Sure, it's agent talk, but considering the fact that the English press is virtually declaring Pogba is on his way to Manchester United, I'll be happy to hear Raiola say Pogba is staying at Juventus every single day of the week if that what it takes to keep Pogba around.