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Report: Juventus close to finalizing deal for Dinamo Zagreb winger Marko Pjaca

Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

When it comes to Juventus' reported pursuit of Marko Pjaca, there has been the same kind of situation repeating it for the better part of the last week or two. First Juventus lead in the race to sign the young Croatian, then Milan do. Juventus leads, then Milan leads. Throw in a "Pjaca might make his decision tomorrow" along with both teams supposedly leading the race and we have a trifecta of transfer rumor gold that would have you losing your mind in relatively short order.

Sunday, however, didn't just bring us the Euro 2016 final. It delivered us the word of this little piece to the puzzle where Pjaca could very well come to choose the location of where he's playing his football next season.

And just in case you need a little bit of a translation into English...

So, if this is true, Juventus are more than just the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to signing Pjaca. Reporting the fact that Milan can only hope something gets screwed up in Juventus' negotiations is a relatively direct way in saying that things have gone in a positive kind of direction.

Does this mean there could be actually news soon? Who the heck knows. For all we know the shoe could be on the other foot when the late-night transfer reports come out as Monday is close to turning into Tuesday and Milan is suddenly thinking they have a legit chance to sign Pjaca once again.

The one thing — we've been hearing "tomorrow is a decisive day" for pretty much the last week straight. Maybe the next 24 hours will truly be decisive and Juventus will come away with another piece to add to its Croatian contingent. Or maybe we'll just be sitting here as morning arrives in Italy thinking the same thing we have had float through our heads a lot lately when it comes to Pjaca-related items. "Yeah, and they said something is actually going to happen tomorrow? What a bust."