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Beppe Marotta confirms — again — that Paul Pogba isn't leaving Juventus this summer

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

There are two things that have been constant from the last summer transfer window to the one that is about to open its doors in full next month. For one, there are Paul Pogba transfer rumors — and a lot of them. Second, there is the narrative that Pogba, no matter what is said or reported, is going to be leaving Juventus for a whole lotta money.

That's just what the kind of world we're living in now.

Like it or not, there will be Pogba exit rumors at every turn. Those turns can be stupid and ones we obviously want to steer clear of, but this is how we must cope with things. (By mocking them!)

And just like almost every other time before, Juventus director general Beppe Marotta has stood firm about his stance regarding Pogba's future at Juventus beyond this transfer rumor-filled summer of 2016.

Yes, but in English, please?

Yes, there it is. Thank you very much.

Pogba's situation is unique because of his insane amount of talent and the transfer fee that is going to be forked over whenever he does he out to another club. But it's not exactly unique in the sense that Juventus — especially Marotta over the last 12 months or so — has maintained its stance that the only way Pogba leaves the club is if he wants to leave the club. That was the case with Arturo Vidal last summer, and that has been the case for others over the last few years.

As far as we know, Pogba is perfectly happy at Juventus. I mean, watch the guy whenever he's shown with a teammate after a goal or doing things you would expect a 23-year-old to do on snapchat while in the locker room after a game. Every public indication we have is that Pogba is perfectly good right where he is. And seeing as Juve could very well make their squad for next season even stronger within the next few weeks, there should be even more motivation to stay right where he is.