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Reports: Juventus agree €32 million deal to sign Miralem Pjanic

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Just like when with the Dani Alves signing developments, things are happening fast.

Just a few short moments after we thought all Juventus and Roma were doing was sitting around and talking about a potential Miralem Pjanic, things have escalated in a hurry. Just about everybody and their mom in the Italian media is reporting that Juventus and Roma have struck a deal that will make Pjanic a Juve player. No jokes here, people. The deal is reportedly in place and there's nothing any of us can do about it now.

(Well, besides celebrate and toast a cocktail or two toward Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici, of course.)

Here are details from one of those reporting the deal being done, Sky Sport's Gianluca Di Marzio:

Today, an agreement was reached between Juventus and Roma for Miralem Pjanic. The 1990-born midfielder apparently met with Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici. Meanwhile, discussions with Roma over the details of a 30.4 million euro payment due to secure Pjanic's release. Juventus could recoup some of that money with the sale of Roberto Pereyra, who is liked by Watford and has others in England who rate him highly. Pereyra's price tag is 13 million euro, which would represent about 50% of Pjanic's release. The deal overall is work 38 million euro, with 7.6 million euro belonging to the player per his contract with Roma: the 20 percent for Pjanic will be inserted in the 5 year deal he is set to sign with Juventus.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Wow. I mean, seriously, I had hopes for this, but not weeks before the transfer window actually, you know, opens up.

But it's clear now that all of this talk about André Gomes being Juventus' No. 1 transfer target was either a total load of crap or just a way for Juve to keep the attention off their pursuit of the 26-year-old Pjanic, who led Serie A in assists last season along with Paul Pogba. Juventus has swooped in, reportedly gotten their man, and now we just have to sit back and hope nothing stupid happens before the official announcement is made and an "OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL" post goes up on this here website.

The price ends up being the same €38 million that we've been hearing about for weeks. But the breakdown, one that is quite unique given the circumstances, is detailed above — €32 million going to Roma, the rest going to Pjanic himself.

All in all, not a bad little Wednesday. Miralem Pjanic a Juventus player might actually be close to happening. What a day, man, what a day.