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Reports: Juventus, Roma in serious talks regarding Miralem Pjanic signing

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Two days after reports regarding Juventus' confidence when it comes to a potential Miralem Pjanic signing came out, the next logical step has happened, according to reports out of Italy on Wednesday.

Depending on what Italian media outlet you click on, Juventus and Roma are at a variety of different stages in negotiations for the 26-year-old midfielder. Juventus and Roma are either discussing the deal, seriously discussing the deal or potential close to agreeing to a deal that would see Pjanic trade in giallorosso for bianconero.

The main theme throughout these various reports from our friends in the Italian media: Juventus' attempt to sign Pjanic isn't slowing down — at all. In fact, depending on who says it, things are looking more than just a little positive right now.

So, in short, said reports including the following information:

  • Pjanic traveled back to Italy to negotiate any potential deal.
  • Beppe Marotta has made his way to Rome to try and close the deal.
  • Juventus' price could be as low as €32 million — which, if that's the case, would be an absolute steal considering his buyout clause is for another €6 million.

All of this, of course, is just conjecture at this point until we hear some kind of concrete information from either club. The "OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL" rule still applies — especially for a big-name, big-money transfer like this one could be. But it's hard not to get all jazzed up over the potential of adding somebody of Pjanic's quality to a midfield that already includes Paul Pogba, Sami Khedira and (when he returns from injury) Claudio Marchisio.

Let's go ahead and see what our Roma fan friends have to think about it...

Sell him to Barca, move him to Munich, I don't care, but for the love of god please don't be so stupid as to hand him over to Juventus.

Oh my. Oh. My. (Hand him over to Juventus, though. I'm cool with that.)