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Report: Juventus 'confident' they can sign Miralem Pjanic this summer

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

As much as we've heard over the last week or so about Juventus signing Dani Alves, it's been the exact when it comes to some of the other big names linked to a move to the club this summer. Maybe that includes players like André Gomes and Miralem Pjanic, or maybe it involves some of the lesser names that Juve have been linked to over the past month or so. (Or maybe it's all of them; feel free to decide on your own.)

But, according to some, that doesn't necessarily mean that Juventus' chase to sign said names that haven't been discussed much lately are completely out of the picture. Oh, on the contrary...

Juventus is confident they can acquire Pjanic, while also trying to save a few million from his €38 million exit clause, perhaps by inserting a player in the deal. While Juventus has an agreement in principle with the player's agent, Roma does not want to give discounts on the price.

Juventus is aware that the price of Pjanic's clause will go down next season, so the Bosnian player's contract will also have to be renegotiated with his entourage.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

So, confidence and optimism about getting a deal done is good — especially when it comes to the pursuit of a player of Pjanic's caliber. But much like the things we've heard regarding the potential acquisition of Gomes, the big-money price seems to be the ultimate sticking point between a deal for a seriously talented player and shaking our heads as another deal falls through.

Who knows what truly is the hierarchy of priorities when it comes to which midfielder Juventus wants to sign this summer. There has been talk that the €38 million buy-out clause will be a sticking point with Juventus and that Roma aren't going to budge for anything lower. Honestly, I wouldn't expect them to change that stance. This is Pjanic we're talking about here, a player who could make one of their No. 1 rivals a vastly better team than they already are.

And there's no doubting that Juventus would be great improved if they were to sign Pjanic this summer. So let's turn all of that reported confidence into some actual developments, folks. It sure would be nice.