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On-loan Juventus winger Juan Cuadrado to decide future after Copa América Centenário

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When we sat around and first had discussions regarding Juan Cuadrado's future with Juventus, it seemed like a certainty that the Colombian winger was going to make his loan deal a permanent one and that would be that. Nothing more than Beppe Marotta negotiating a price that would make Chelsea happy and that would be that for the most part.

Then known Cuadrado admirer Antonio Conte had to go and take over at Chelsea, a club that still owns the 28-year-old's contract. That has caused Cuadrado's once seemingly Juventus-filled future to be thrown for a bit of a loop. As we sit here during the first weekend in June, we don't know whether Cuadrado's stay will just be for one season on loan and that's it or for anything more than that. It's anybody's guess at this point, really.

What does Cuadrado have to say about all of this? Glad you asked, self...

"It's nice to hear [about Barcelona reports], but here you do not think about it, only the national team. After [Copa América] we will see what happens with my future."

(Source: Evening Standard)

This shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, really. What should Cuadrado be focusing on right now, the 2016-17 club season or the tournament Colombia just began on Friday night against the United States? Yeah, I think we know the answer to that one, folks.

It's no secret that Marotta has stated Juventus' desire to keep Cuadrado in Turin beyond this season. It's been that way for months, and I would think that even with Conte now in charge at Stamford Bridge, it will stay that way. Who knows how much the soon-to-be signing of Dani Alves will play into Cuadrado's future at Juventus. It's not like it would be a total like-for-like switch between one South American for another.

Go on and play well over the next couple of weeks at the Copa América, Juan. Maybe we'll see you next season. Or maybe not.