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Dani Alves confirms he will be signing with Juventus 'within days'

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Thursday we had the confirmation that Dani Alves will be leaving Barcelona this summer. On Friday, the confirmation of where everybody expected Alves to play football next season arrived.

The longtime Barcelona fullback has confirmed in an interview with SportItalia that he will be signing with Juventus "within days." Alves, 33, is expected to sign a two- or three-year contract with Juventus on a free transfer after spending nearly a decade with the Spanish giants, winning just about every imaginable trophy possible during his time with the club.

"I am always happy, but now even more so. The moment had come to change, to give a turning point to my career. I won so much with Barcelona and enjoyed every minute, but the time had come to challenge myself, to enjoy Italy, Juve and try to bring Juventus to victory in Europe.

"I will be in Turin within days to sign. I already saluted the Barcelona fans and it's a see you soon, not a goodbye forever. I am coming to Italy to win and then maybe return, because I remain a Blaugrana fan."

(Source: Football Italia)

There you go, boys and girls. It isn't totally official since any kind of announcement is not on the Juventus website just yet, but it's pretty much official.

Not even a year after signing a Brazilian left back to bomb up and down the left wing in Alex Sandro, Juventus has now brought in one of his elder countryman to do the same type of thing on the right. Alves is by no mean a long-term option considering where he is at in his career. But I don't think anybody can say he doesn't have something to add to this Juventus team. And for a club that again has serious aspirations to do damage in the Champions League next season, adding a player like Alves and his vast European experience for no cost at all is a coup.

The "OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL" post is coming soon. Good thing Dani Alves gave us warning to start putting things together for his arrival...