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Report: Juventus, Dani Alves reach verbal agreement on move to Turin

David Ramos/Getty Images

When it comes to Juventus' pursuit of Dani Alves, it was first just conjecture and rumors. Then things quickly escalated into more than just something we have come to expect from those folks who churn out transfer things on a regular basis.

Just a couple of more small steps to go, according to that same Italian press corp.

Dani Alves-Juventus, it's practically done. The signatures aren't there yet but everything is set. Dani Alves and Juventus already have a verbal agreement with the player that has promised his performances to the Italian club. The Brazilian is ready to leave Barcelona.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

I think everybody could have guessed that things were going to progress quickly when Barcelona bid farewell to Alves earlier in the day on Thursday. Based on what we knew and how things were sounding over the last few days, it seemed inevitable that Alves leaving Barcelona was going to happen.

At this point, Alves moving to Juventus this summer seems like a certainty. We're getting closer and closer to the 'OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL' post on this website, and Alves' first press conference as a Juventus player. Or maybe that will have to wait until he's done with international duty. We'll see.

Just one question to go along with all of this: When do we start the discussion about what squad number Alves will take? Seeing as he never sticks with one for more than a season, I feel like this could be important.