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Simone Padoin: “I don’t deserve your compliments”

“Goodbye Juventus..” - Padoin

Juventus FC v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Well it looks like it’s final, at least to Simone’s Instagram, rather his wife's. It looks like the transfer to Cagliari is a done deal according to the man himself.

He decided that he needed to address the Bianconeri faithful.

"Writing on social media is very unusual for me, so I am writing this on my wife’s Instagram, but I think on this occasion it is absolutely necessary to express my thanks to all the Bianconeri population who constantly showed me affection over the years.

"I know that a simple thank you is not enough to explain my gratitude towards everyone around Juventus. These are days in which I feel contrasting sentiments, as on the one side I am fired up for this new adventure, on the other I feel a lump in my throat at all I am leaving behind.

"THANK YOU first and foremost to all the teammates I’ve had over these five years, as all of you left me with something special and important. I will unlikely be fortunate enough to experience such a united and solid group again.

"It has been an immense honour for me to play with all of you and I think you for making me feel important and appreciated within the group.

"THANK YOU to the coaching staff of Antonio Conte and Max Allegri, who enabled me to learn new and winning things.

"THANK YOU to every person who worked with us (Matteo Fabris, doctors, physiotherapists, kit staff, marketing) and those who constantly work behind the scenes to give their fundamental contribution to our recent success.

"THANK YOU to the club (President, directors Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici, Pavel Nedved), as there could be no better. The objective is always to improve and thanks to this spirit has been able to stay light years ahead of the rest of Italy and will become a European leader too.

"THANK YOU to the beautiful city of Turin, where my beloved children were born and will always represent for my family the scenario for marvellous memories.

"AND THANK YOU to all the fans who in these years let me feel their support and personally appreciated me despite the fact my qualities are mediocre for the Juventus level, but they realised that in every occasion I tried to honour the shirt by giving my all.

"Your compliments honestly make me feel a little ashamed, because I don’t think that I deserve them, and for that I will be eternally grateful to you.

"I leave happy and with profound satisfaction and pride at giving just a crumb of a contribution to all the triumphs we’ve had over the last five years.

"In other words, THANK YOU JUVE!!!! I salute you all with great affection, wishing you the best for the future.

"Simone Padoin."