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If somebody wants to sign Paul Pogba, they will reportedly have to pay €160 million

Something tells me that's a good amount of money.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When it comes to Paul Pogba transfer rumors, I don't really know what to believe anymore. Maybe I've grown immune to them since they've been a constant in our lives for well over a transfer window or two now. Maybe it's because, up to this point, the fact that Beppe Marotta has stayed true to his word and not sold Pogba for a huge chunk of change remains constant.

But that doesn't defeat the fact that Pogba rumors are going to be happening around us for however long the 23-year-old Frenchman stays around Juventus.

If a club like, say, Real Madrid wants to make a serious attempt to sign Pogba this summer, then Juventus is going to battle that approach the best way it can think of — jacking up his potential transfer fee higher than we've ever seen. According  to the Gazzetta dello Sport, that price is now upwards of €160 million if anybody even wants to think about signing Pogba in the next month or two.

Real Madrid will be required to smash the world transfer record if they want to sign long-term target Paul Pogba, as Juventus have slapped a price tag of €160 million on his head.

The 23-year-old is at the top of Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane's transfer wish list, and the Blancos coach considers his countryman to be the missing piece for his midfield.


Who knows if there is even a team out there — Real Madrid, Paris Saint-German, Manchester City, etc. etc. — that would remotely consider paying €160 million for a single player this summer. But, if this figure is even close to being accurate, it's safe to say that Juventus know that they've got all the power in the situation and will take advantage of it.

So much for that €100 million price tag we heard so much about a year so ago. Onward and upward — both for Juventus as a team and for the potential price that Juventus are thinking of slapping on Pogba should somebody try and sign him. Good times, good times.