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Juventus manager Max Allegri is quite happy with the signing of Miralem Pjanic

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Outside of the player himself and a couple of short Twitter posts from his new teammates, we haven't heard many Juventus-related comments regarding the signing of Miralem Pjanic thus far. That's probably because there hasn't been a formal press conference, but still a little interesting considering the quality that Juventus just added to their squad.

Luckily, there's Max Allegri to give us his opinion on the matter. And unlike when he is either sarcastic or just noncommittal about his starting lineups during his pre-match press conferences, Juventus' soon-to-be third-year manager definitely gave his stamp of approval to Juventus snatching Roma's best player for a €32 million transfer fee.

"Pjanic has incredible qualities and he can still improve. He also offers us a lot from set-pieces. It is now up to us to put him in the right situations for him to succeed. His role? He can play in front of the defense but he can also play a bit higher in the midfield or even as an attacking midfielder. I am happy that out management signed him."

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

I think how Allegri uses Pjanic will be one of the more interesting things to happen within the squad at the start of the 2016-17 season. Obviously having Pjanic will mean that the void left by Claudio Marchisio's major knee injury is eased more than just a little bit. But I also think that it's not a clear-cut thing where Allegri will stick to the 3-5-2 and that will be that.

Allegri certainly has options of how he wants to play this. Like he said, Pjanic can play as the holding midfielder in the center three or be a little further up the field. Depending on when Marchisio returns, it's probably a lock that they play alongside one another in some shape or form. Options are definitely good, and the same can certainly be said about Pjanic as a player.

Max is happy that he's signed with Juventus. And I'm pretty sure a lot of us who root for the team he manages feel pretty much the same way he does.