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Roma midfielder Miralem Pjanic undergoing Juventus medical Monday morning

Bye bye, giallorossi. Hello, bianconeri.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

We know the steps needed to make Miralem Pjanic's move to Juventus was pretty much as low as it could get before the Roma midfielder is standing in front of the media and revealing what squad number he has taken.

As most of Italy got up and moving Monday morning, so did Pjanic himself.

As the clock struck 9 a.m. in Turin, Pjanic arrived at the same medical offices where some of his future teammates underwent their medical exams to go through the same procedures ahead of his move to Juventus. Cameras swarmed him, and understandably so. Juventus' newest midfielder is just a few minor details and a contract signing away from making his move from Rome to Turin as official as official gets.

We know this because we have photographic evidence.

I think a popular gif is in order now, don't you think?

it's happening

Yep, seems rather appropriate, if you ask me. Juventus has a world-class midfielder set to join the club — and relatively soon if everything, as expected, goes according to plan and Pjanic signs his contract shortly after his medicals go through.

We will soon know the details of the deal, which is expected to be a €32 million deal with Juventus activating Pjanic's buyout clause built into his contract with Roma. It's going to be the first official signing made by Beppe Marotta, Fabio Paratici and the rest of the Juventus management team. And with Brazil being eliminated from the Copa America on Sunday with its controversial loss to Peru, the Dani Alves signing may soon follow rather shortly.

But, for now, it's Pjanic time. It's almost officially official, folks. Seems like a pretty wonderful way to start the work week, isn't it?