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Leaked images of Juventus' 2016-17 away & third kits

Images emerge of what could potentially be Juventus' away and third kits for next season

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

It's that time of year, folks, where we start to see actual leaked images of our new kits. As is Adidas tradition, the home and goalkeeper kit were unveiled for the last game of the Serie A season and the Coppa Italia final, but no mention had been made by the team or the German kit maker regarding Juve's away and third kits.

Back in January, we provided you with Footyheadlines mockups of the away and third kits here. Although the mockups provided are not identical to the actual pictures we see below, they are pretty close. We have to remember here that the mockups are most likely done by people who have seen the jersey for an instant or are being described the jersey for the sake of the drawing. Either way, these actual images provide us with some detail in regards to what our boys will be wearing in 2016/17.

The pictures provided are by twitter account @la_bianconera who are gaining notoriety for their leaks and info regarding new kits early on in the year (ie. October/November 2015). They've become so popular that Tuttosport displayed their images online to display the new jerseys.

They've also provided us with a few rough dates on when we can expect these jerseys to be released here:

Now it's worth noting that says the third kit will be launched sometime in August so take both dates with a grain of salt.

A few thoughts on all three jerseys:

  • I love what Adidas has done but adding the three stripes to the side of the jerseys as opposed to the shoulders. I find that having the three stripes on top often takes away from the jersey as they can become the focal point of the kit, moving them to the side fixes that.
  • Not a huge fan of the large piping on the Home jersey this year, nor am I a huge fan of the pinstripe look. I get where Adidas is coming from, if the kit looks the same every year nobody will buy it but more of an attempt should have been made to somewhat stay true to tradition. As mentioned in the post from January, I much preferred the first Footyheadlines mockup as the stripes were thinner than the official kit we saw revealed at the end of the season. Call me a traditionalist snob, but our stripes should always be thin, similar to the Juve jerseys of the 1980s.
  • The Zebra Third kit has grown on me so much since I first saw images of it way back in December. Worth noting that original leaks showed the zebra pattern just on the sleeves similar to the one of the left below, it makes a world of a difference adding the zebra pattern all the way across the shoulders to the neck:

  • Hopefully Adidas does not put some crazy short design to match the zebra pattern on the third jersey, we don't need another debacle like what we saw this year on the third. The Billabong shorts can stay in the Billabong store please.
  • The Buffon goalkeeper jersey is awesome, if only for the fact that its worn by Buffon. The orange colour scheme is pretty sweet too I guess.