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WATCH: Paul Pogba's latest adidas commercial is released

He's gone big time, folks. He now has his own commercial.

With Paul Pogba signing with adidas earlier this year, this seemed inevitable. At the age of 23, Pogba is becoming one of the best players in the world, and knowing how big of a personality the guy has, probably one of the most marketable ones, too. That's simple to figure out.

And, with the European Championships set to take place in his home country of France, the attention is going be focused on the Juventus midfielder exponentially. That's why it makes sense why adidas rolled out Pogba's first-ever adidas commercial centered solely around Juventus' No. 10, one that I'm pretty sure you will be seeing a lot of during the next couple weeks of games no matter who is actually playing in them.

There's a lot going on here. But then again, it's Pogba, so we shouldn't be surprised.

  • Pogba flying through the air to control a ball.
  • Pogbe showing off a new haircut.
  • Pogba dancing.
  • Pogba in a flashy outfit and sunglasses flush with gold all over.
  • Pogba not lacking for any kind of personality whatsoever.

It's 67 seconds of ultimate Pogba, and it's all wonderful. Every single second of it.

If I had to choose between reading about all of these Pogba-related transfer rumors or watching this commercial about 100 times in a row, the decision is pretty simple. I like Pogba being Pogba, and I don't think I will ever tire of that.

Like dude at the beginning of the video said, "YOU'RE PAUL POGBA."

It must be nice to be Paul Pogba, but you probably knew that already.