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Juventus forward Alvaro Morata: I want to play and feel important

The striker has been speaking to the press about his future.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Alvaro Morata's future is no clearer today than it has been for the last few weeks, but the player has been talking to the media about what interests him, and it doesn't necessarily bode well for Juventus.

In an interview with Spanish daily AS, Morata spoke about his time at the Binaconeri -

"My two years at Juve had proved a very useful experience. I have won everything you can win in Italy, more than once, and reached the final stages of the Champions League.

"I have scored goals and grown as a player and a person. I believe I am a different player now than when I left Real Madrid. That kid who came out to run around the Bernabeu is a long way behind now, but above all I have shown I can play at a big club."

He then went on to speak about wanting his future clarified before Spain's first Euro 2016 campaign against the Czech Republic on Monday, June 13.

"It is uncomfortable to be here thinking about helping your country, with the phone in your hand. We will see what happens."

Morata then expressed his desire for what he really desired -

"I know exactly what I want to happen. I want to succeed at Madrid, but there are great players at Madrid. What I want is to play and to feel important. Next year I will play at the team where I have most chance of doing that."

A good tournament at the Euros would probably inflate his price tag, and get even more attention from Premier League teams already vying for him -

"A tournament should not count more than your past CV, but we all know how football is. Of course if you stand out at the Euros, if you score goals in important games, that can change things. You might not have had the best season, but if you score the winner in the Euros, everyone will notice.

"There are some tempting offers from England, but not just for the [big] contracts. I believe that for my style of play the Premier League would be a great destination.

"I am not saying I want to leave Juventus - I can only speak well of that team. I am saying that going to the Premier League would not be a step back, just the opposite. With what I have learned in Italy, if I have a chance to learn more in England, it would make me a better player.

"I am 23 and what I want is to progress, to play, to learn from the best and to have a good career."

So there have you have it folks, it's still as clear as mud.