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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus manager Max Allegri signs contract extension through 2018

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Nothing here is surprising. Max Allegri, the man who is well on his way to guiding Juventus to a straight Scudetto since arriving at the club when Antonio Conte bolted out the front door two summers ago, was never going to go anywhere outside of Turin other than maybe a different restaurant for dinner tonight.

Allegri signing a contract extension with Juventus is about as shocking as my cat being an über fan of tuna. It's not a surprise — and that's even before Allegri himself said the damn thing was going to happen in short order after Juventus' win over Empoli on April 2.

Friday was different, though. Today was the day we actually saw the stinkin' thing announced on Juventus' website and vast array of social media platforms. The contract extension we've heard about and known was going to happen for weeks now is a done deal, with Allegri signing his name and getting a hefty raise in a contract that will span until the end of the of the 2017-18 season.

Yep, it's now 'Officially Official,' folks. About dang time, too.

But, in all honesty, there was no reason to rush this. Allegri knew a contract extension. was going to happen. Beppe Marotta, whenever speaking to the media over the last couple of months, said that Allegri was going to sign a contract extension. This was a simple matter of getting all the details all ironed out, agreeing to a salary and finding the right time to announce it.

The two parties have no reason to end this success-filled courtship now or in the immediate future. Allegri has surpassed just about everybody's expectations in droves over the last two years. He has led Juve to a domestic double in his first season at the helm. This season, he's gotten Juve out of the early-season gutter and to the top of the table in what seemed like just a few short months. That's the sign of not only a good manager, but one that is truly building on what he's started.

Good work, Max. You've earned it. Now go win a domestic double again.