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Beppe Marotta wants Álvaro Morata's situation with Real Madrid settled before the end of the month

Beppe Marotta wants answers to Álvaro Morata's future, and he wants them soon.

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

There comes a point in every transfer situation where some kind of resolution — good or bad — needs to be found. When it comes to Álvaro Morata's standing with Juventus, the club he has played for the last two seasons, director general Beppe Marotta could very well be reaching that point in relatively short order.

As we know, there's a buy-back clause in Morata's deal that brought him to Juve two summers ago to resolve. Time and time again Juventus have said that they want to keep the 23-year-old Spaniard for next season and years to come. But as Marotta outlined on Wednesday before Real Madrid took on Manchester City in the Champions League semifinals, there needs to be an answer to the situation — and in quick order, too.

"For Morata's future we have to wait for the outcome of tonight's Champions League semi-final between Manchester City and Real Madrid.

"Within the next three weeks, we need to reach a definitive agreement. If it's positive, we'll be happy, if it's negative then we have to evaluate new operations.

"He is valued at a few dozen million Euros, but I don't want to talk about figures because we'll talk in a wider context that could include other situations too."

(Source: Football Italia)

It's understandable why Marotta would say what he said. One-hundred percent true, too.

The obvious fact is for the simple fact that they don't want this whole "Will he stay or will he go?" situation to linger on into the deep summer months where any possible alternative plans would probably get blown up. I don't want to speak for Marotta mainly because I never have to begin with, but I would like to think that if they do need to find a replacement for Morata, the last thing they want to do is have just a few short weeks to try and do such a thing.

We don't know what Real Madrid truly want to do. We know what Juventus want, and it involves Morata staying in Turin and developing with the other components of the club's young core (Paulo Dybala, Paul Pogba, Alex Sandro, etc.) And rightfully so, Juve want an answer to something that has all the potential to linger deep into the summer if something doesn't happen in the timetable that Marotta so desires.