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Domenico Berardi will go to 'whoever pays more,' according to Sassuolo's Giorgio Squinzi

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

With the season coming to an end in less than two weeks, the main focus — at leas from a club level — will fully shift to how Juventus is going to make its roster even better come the 2016-17 campaign. There's no doubting that one of the most popular names we will be hearing about will be Domenico Berardi, and there's no doubt that he is a player who can make Juventus if he does come to Turin like a lot of folks think he will.

Berardi is bound to cost a sizable chunk of change. Just how much? Well, there's the fact that in the past Sassuolo President Lorenzo Squinzi has said Berardi will cost €25 million to sign away from the club. On Monday, a different member of the Squizni clain, Giorgio, decided to chime in on how much it will take a club like Juventus will have to spend to bring the 21-year-old Berardi in this summer.

"There is nothing definite with Juventus," Squinzi told the Sole 24 Ore newspaper. "Are they the favorites? The favorites are whoever pays more."

(Source: Football Italia)

What we have here is a guy who knows he's got an asset, is probably happy to keep said asset, but is also going to be extremely happy to see a big profit show up in the club's bank account when he sells the asset to the highest bidder. Squinzi knows what he's got in Berardi, and understandably they want to cash in on arguably Italy's biggest young talent whenever he does move onto a bigger club.

Sounds a little familiar, doesn't it?

This is what you would expect from Sassuolo's side of the equation, though. Juventus are still the odds-on favorite to land Berardi this summer, which could be for a little more than the €25 million price tag above. And that's okay. Everybody knows what Berardi has to offer, and now it's just about actually negotiating and getting things done. Sounds simple, right?