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Five Juventus-related lessons from the 2016 Champions League final

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

A few hours ago, Real Madrid won their 11th Champions League, a trophy Juventus have been coveting for years. Sure, there was no chance of winning it a few years ago, but thanks to the hard work of our management, coaches, and players, Juventus can aim for top European honours.

Last year, the Old Lady made it to the final, only to narrowly lose to one of the best teams that ever played the game. This year, Juventus were no more than five minutes away from eliminating Bayern Munich, but it wasn't to be. As a Juventino, I feel that we are close, and if we can fix some of our mistakes, and be a bit more lucky, we may get the trophy with the big ears.

So, without further ado...

Things I think I think, after the Champions League Final

1) Juventus needs champions. Juventus needs players that have walked the walk, players that know what it takes to win the Champions League and will anchor the team during those challenging moments. This is, of course, no guarantee. This year Patrice Evra, one of Juventus' most experienced players, made a crucial mistake in the Bayern game.  Nevertheless, I honestly believe that our young team can benefit from some added experience. We have recently been linked with Mascherano and Dani Alves, and they would be a welcome addition to our team.

2) I'll take Domenico Berardi over Isco. Nevermind the cost, Isco at no less than €40 million and Berardi at €25 million, but there is so much more than that. Here are a few other things: Berardi is younger, Italian, more versatile, and in the last three seasons has contributed in a more consistent basis.  Then there is the leadership aspect.  Berardi at 21 is an undisputed quiet leader of Sassuolo.  Isco has been with Madrid for years and seems happy riding on other's coattails.  Is it easier to carry Sassuolo on your back than Real Madrid?  Absolutely.  But I just don't see the Spaniard as a player that will carry any team.

3) Danilo? No thanks. Juve certainly got the better fullback from Porto. Danilo was atrocious against Atletico Madrid on Saturday. Could he improve under Max Allegri? Sure. But if Alves is coming for free, I don't see how Danilo could even be considered.

4) Watching this Champions League Final should be mandatory for ALL Juventus players. One of Juventus' biggest issues has been confidence.  Our players must watch this game critically and realize that they are in no way inferior to the teams that took to the field.

5) Álvaro Morata will do well to stay with the Bianconeri and the Old Lady will do well to keep him. Can anyone see Morata benching Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, or Gareth Bale? Not anytime soon. However, if he keeps his form at the end of the season, he can certainly carve himself some significant minutes with the Old Lady. The other teams where he could go won't be playing in Europe (Chelsea, Manchester United) or are inferior to Juventus (Arsenal). As far as Juventus is concerned, his speed, versatility and experience should not be underestimated.

This team is so close, fellow Bianconeri. A few good moves, a changed in mentality, continued growth from our stars, and a bit of luck and it could be us celebrating.