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Reports: Juventus closing in on signing Dani Alves on a free transfer

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

There are some moves that come out of nowhere, seemingly catch our attention in what seems like a week or two before they happen. There are other moves that seem to take weeks even to have one semblance of progress, the end result prolonged over weeks and weeks of the same reporting we've heard from the very beginning.

This Dani Alves-to-Juventus deal, it's definitely the former, not the latter.

According to multiple reports coming out of both Italy and Spain, the longtime Barcelona fullback is closing in on a move to Juventus on what will end up being a free transfer. Those same reports say that Juve will hand the 33-year-old Brazilian a two- or three-year contract and that a signing could very well be announced in short order. As of right now, no concrete financial terms have been thrown out there when it comes to how much Alves would be making at Juventus if he were to put pen to paper on a contract with the five-time defending Italian champions in the neat future.

As the folks over at SB Nation's home for all things Barcelona, Barca Blaugranes, say: "The announcement is all that's left, but one thing is certain: Dani is leaving Barça."

All signs point to that indeed being the case.

And all signs point to his next destination for club football being Juventus.

This is not something we expected to have happen even a few days ago. Just like the rumored Javier Mascherano move on Wednesday, once it hit the news outlets, the damn thing spread like a wildfire with Italian media members freely pouring gasoline on it. (Figure of speech, of course.) The Thursday morning papers didn't include much of anything new regarding the matter, only confirming what has taken place over the last 18 hours or so.

Yep, Juventus are indeed interested in signing Dani Alves. And, if the reports are to be believed, the wait to see it happen won't be as long as some other deals we've seen Juve make in past summer transfer windows.