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Juventus 1 - AC Milan 0: Initial reaction and random observations

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Towards the end of the second half, they showed Antonio Conte sitting in the stands alongside Marcello Lippi. Maybe they caught Conte at a bad time, but if you didn't know any better, you probably would have thought the former Juventus manager was dozing off in a game that had about as many memorable moments as Milan's 2015-16 season.

To be honest, he wasn't the only one feeling that way.

It was a snoozefest for pretty much the entire 120 or so minutes that were played at the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday night. Luckily for all of us who wear black and white glasses, Max Allegri decided to sub on Álvaro Morata for Hernanes in extra time. And Juve's resident Big Game Player did exactly that once again, scoring the decisive goal with 11 minutes to go before a penalty shootout would have arrived.

Domestic double clinched. Historic back-to-back domestic double clinched.

Juventus were the first club to 10 Coppa Italia titles last season. Now, it's time to push that record to 11 Coppas — thanks in large part to Morata's goal in a game that will probably be completely forgotten about when a brand new work week starts. That's probably not an overstatement, too. This was as drab and bland of a cup final as would think there would be.

And for as bad as Juve played, probably their worst games in months and months, Milan couldn't do anything about. They couldn't capitalize on Juventus' complete inability to put much of anything on frame in regulation.

It just so happened that in one of Juventus' few really good counterattacks, they caught Milan and absolutely stole the win and the Coppa Italia trophy. Juve didn't deserve to win by the way they played, but they got the win thanks to a quality counter and Morata's ability to lose his mark and finish Juan Cuadrado's cross from the right wing. Simple as that.

Yeah, this seems like a good thing to post. Much better than talking about that game for another couple hundred more words. (Even though that's probably going to happen anyway.)

Random thoughts and observations

  • Seriously, that game was horrible.

  • Morata pounding the Juve crest after his goal gave me a lot of feelings. Like, seriously, you guys. He was asked about his future after the match, but that was broken up by Simone Zaza dumping champagne all over Morata's head about 20 words into it. We all know it depends more on Real Madrid's desires than it does what Juventus want to do. That's no secret at this point. But if Juve are to not retain Morata this summer, man, it's going to be sad.

  • May this be the first and last time we see the Paul Pogba-Hernanes-Mario Lemina combination in the center of the midfield. It was....yeah, not very good. Not at all.

  • I don't think it's any coincidence that Juventus started to look a little better once Alex Sandro replaced Patrice Evra. Juve were in dire need on some width, and Sandro delivered it.

  • Neto finishes the season allowing six goals in eight games played, five of which came in the second leg against Inter and then that absolutely meaningless game against Hellas Verona a couple of weeks ago. He definitely proved to be solid backup in his first year with Juventus. Now we'll see if all these rumors about him leaving this summer are actually true.

  • I mean, seriously, Juventus played that poorly and Milan couldn't score one goal? If you want an example about how far they've fallen as a club, that's it. Even with a completely crappy Juve team performance, Milan ended up getting shut out. Yikes.

  • Russell Crowe is good friends with Alessandro Del Piero. Russell Crowe was in the stands for the Coppa Italia final. Russell Crowe was on RAI's halftime show and picked Juventus to win. Russell Crowe ended up being right. I like Russell Crowe. (Not just because American Gangster is one of my favorite movies.)

  • Max Allegri as Juventus manager: Two Scudetto, two Coppa Italia, one Supercoppa. Pretty good, you guys. Pretty, pretty good.

  • You're welcome, Sassuolo. Enjoy your spot in the Europa League. (But still feel free to let Domenico Berardi come play for Juventus next season.)