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Beppe Marotta says Álvaro Morata is '50 percent' likely to stay at Juventus, move for Isco this summer ruled out

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Juventus director general Beppe Marotta has been doing quite a bit of talking to the media lately. Seeing as there's been Max Allegri's contract extension announced and a season coming to a close, that's not necessarily a surprise. When a season comes to a close, that means it's all-out transfer talk, which Marotta obviously plays a big role in every summer.

One of the most frequent talking points he has discussed as of late is the future of striker Álvaro Morata, whose status is still up in the air as his buy-back clause with Real Madrid hangs over a lot of what Juve may or may not have to do this summer. And when speaking to's Luca Mastrolilli on Monday, the status of Morata — surprise, surprise, everybody! — was one of the things Marotta addressed.

"Morata? We have to meet with Real Madrid but right now they are busy preparing for the final of the Champions League. We've postponed the talks until after the final. There is a 50% chance he will stay."

And, as an added bonus, we have a comment about Morata's former Real Madrid teammate, Isco, too..

"He will not come, we will discuss Morata with Real, but the months ahead are long. If Cavani can come? Our attack meets all requirements, made up of three players whom all arrived last summer. We're very happy with what they are doing and if a player like Morata leaves then we will evaluate what to do but I think that we will start next Serie A season with this arrangement."

Where to begin, where to begin, where to begin...

As Marotta has said in the past, Morata's history is more dependent on what Real Madrid wants to do more than Juventus' desires. It's obvious, at least from what he has said in recent weeks, that Marotta wants to keep Morata at Juve this summer, and that the player would be more than happy with that being the case. But because of that stinkin' buy-back clause being in play, everything is thrown for a loop.

The Isco matter, at least for now, eliminates one name from the rebooting of Juventus' hunt for a trequartista. The flat-out declaration from Marotta might be surprising to some considering that Isco's father and agent said less than a month ago that there was some interest on Juventus' end to try and sign the Spanish playmaker at some point this summer.

Either way, there will be business done with Real Madrid this summer. I guess it won't include Isco, if Beppe's words are to be believed (which they usually should be), but will include Morata. Let's just hope that there's a somewhat quick resolution. The last thing we need is for this to get dragged out like Morata's original move to Juventus two summers ago.