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Juventus reportedly closing in on signing Valencia midfielder André Gomes for €30 million

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Juventus have been linked with Valencia midfielder André Gomes a few times over the last couple of months. Maybe it was true, maybe it was the fact that the Italian press needed something to talk about other than Juve running away with the league title once again. But with Claudio Marchisio tearing his ACL and being out for the next six months, many think that Juve's summer transfer plans have certainly changed a little bit.

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, that's certainly the case.

Sunday's edition of the pink paper people like to consume from time to time is saying that Juventus director general Beppe Marotta is closing in on a deal for Gomes worth a reported €30 million. The GDS suggests that the deal is all but done, with final details needing to be ironed out before Juve lock up what would be their first major signing of the 2016 summer transfer campaign.

The idea behind going for the 22-year-old Gomes, who originally arrived on loan at Valencia from Benfica two summers ago before making his deal permanent in 2015, is that he wouldn't solely be a replacement for Marchisio. While he has the ability to play as a holding midfielder in front of the defense, Gomes can be slotted in other spots. Basically, he could play alongside Marchisio when he returns from his ACL injury.

That will of course make people think that he could be a replacement for Paul Pogba. And hey, as we know, people aren't afraid to talk about Pogba leaving Juventus no matter what the truth may actually be these days. Gomes will almost certainly have a high price tag attached to him no matter where he goes — Juventus or elsewhere — this summer, but that doesn't mean Marotta will have to sell before he buys.

Think about it, though. What kind of players have Juve been targeting over the last 12 months? Players who are still young with plenty of upside, have the ability to get even better and do more than just come close to meeting their lofty price tag. Maybe Gomes is the next in line to be that kind of player. I wouldn't be opposed to it.