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Pescara DG says Juventus' negotiations for Gianluca Lapadula, Gianluca Caprari are 'at a very advanced stage'

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

During the January transfer window, one of the most talked about names linked with a move to Juventus was that of Pescara striker Gianluca Lapadula. As we know, nothing came about while the window was still open for business. And since then, Lapadula, who leads Serie B in goals scored, has been linked with a handful of clubs around both Italy and Europe as a whole.

As things stand now, Lapadula could very well be heading to Juventus after all.

We know this because Pescara director general Giorgio Repetto confirmed on Thursday that his club and Juventus' negotiations for both Lapadula and winger Gianluca Caprari are progressing more than just a little bit. In fact, in Repetto's words, negotiations are "at a very advanced stage" for the two Pescara players.

Enough about what I'm saying. Here's a good chunk of Repetto's conversation with

"The President is carrying on the negotiations himself, but I do know that Juventus are at a very advanced stage for both Caprari and Lapadula.

"In my view Lapadula will be playing in Serie A and I'd love for him to get there with us. Juventus are Juventus, the best team in Italy and among the best in Europe.

"He is certainly a forward who could play for Juve, even if the Bianconeri have five extraordinary strikers at the moment.

"I think after a year or two of apprenticeship, they'll make him into a player suited to Juve.

"As for Caprari, he has technique and a remarkable change of pace. He has become stronger in terms of character with us, whereas before he was a bit too calm and quiet. Now he doesn't let go, he gives everything for the team."

(Source: Football Italia)

Some of the words above, as you can imagine, is a currently employer saying nothing but wonderful things about two of his most sought after assets. As much as the negotiations are advanced stages for Lapadula, 26, and Caprari, 22, there's obviously still some work to do.

I would assume that a major part of that has to do with where the two will actually be playing their football next season. If Pescara earns promotion back into Serie A by virtue of winning the Serie B playoff, then the easiest thing may be to just send them back to their current club on loan. Or maybe Beppe Marotta has something else in mind, I dunno. But seeing that Juventus and Pescara seem to have established a pretty good working relationship when it comes to the soon-to-be five-team defending Serie A champions sending players on loan, it's not out of the realm of possibility the above scenario taking place.

We'll see, though. Negotiations aren't done yet, so stayed tuned.