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Juventus manager Max Allegri: We're in the final sprint

Manager's comments after Juventus' 4-0 win over Palermo

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Juventus' relentless march to a 5th consecutive Scudetto continued unabated today, as they took full advantage of Napoli's slip up to extend their lead to 9 points at the top of the table, with just five games left to play.

However, the game was overshadowed by key midfielder Claudio Marchisio being stretchered off with what manager Max Allegri had described as a cruciate ligament injury.

"It's a suspected cruciate injury for Claudio. Tomorrow [Monday] we'll do the tests, but it's something serious."

However, Juventus wasted no time in carrying out the tests and released a statement soon after the press conference saying that Marchisio would be out for the rest of the season.

On the team's performance on the day, Allegri said:

"Today we had several goal-scoring chances in the first half, but we lost focus after ten minutes. Nobody can afford that, not even us.

"The goal difference is at stake. We must not concede goals. The game must be managed better because we're in the final sprint. You've got to kill off your opponents when they're dying.

"Yesterday's game made it look like the challenge for the Scudetto was over, but that's not the case. We still need two wins and a draw to make it to 86 points. I won't calculate our odds to win, we just need to make more points. Other teams have a simpler schedule of games."

Allegri also spoke out about a few players:

"That Paul Pogba should have quality and be decisive is already well-known. I sometimes tell him off, because it doesn't make sense that he should go a whole game without mistakes, only for mistakes to multiply themselves as soon as he makes a single one.

"Mario Lemina played a good game today. He must improve tactically, making less mistakes. I chose him because he offered me protection, though we have alternatives in that position. Hernanes did well to interpret his role, too.

"Alvaro Morata did well and so did Paulo Dybala. He [Morata] gave us technique and did well physically, although he still committed a few errors from inexperience. He should not be picking up yellow cards for protesting."

When asked if the team was its strongest it has been under him -

"Judging by the results, yes, this is the strongest Juventus team. We can improve with a group of excellent veterans or very good youngsters. This team has an important future. The youngsters will be given a different level of responsibility.

"We're interested in reaching the end and being one point above Napoli, but we'd be satisfied with a draw as long as we have a better goal-difference."