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Paul Pogba thinking of Juventus and the Scudetto, not a summer transfer, despite the usual bevy of rumors

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The Paul Pogba rumor mill is one that seems to never stop humming. While usually off base, there's always something. So much so that on top of the usual transfer trackers, SB Nation has created their very own Paul Pogba transfer rumor hub for all of the latest bits of info that might involve the young Frenchman going somewhere this summer. All Pogba, all the time darn time.

The good thing in all of this?

Paul Pogba isn't think of all of those Paul Pogba transfer rumors. Even when somebody like Barcelona striker Neymar comes out and says that he wants to be Pogba's teammate one day, Juventus' No. 10 is, simply put, thinking of current-day Juventus.

"It's nice that such a great player shows appreciation for me. Everyone wants to play with the champions, but I'm happy to stay at Juventus and I'm focused on the title. I have no transfer temptations, the Scudetto is the only thing in my head."

(Source: Express)

You see, the thing that makes me the most happy in all of this is pretty easy to identify: With all of this talk about how teams will come in an likely offer both Pogba and Juventus an insane amount of money, the most important thing to the player himself is what's directly in front of him. That is Juventus getting closer and closer to a fifth straight Serie A title, one that would put the club in rarified air when it comes to championship-winning sides.

Beppe Marotta has maintained that Pogba will only go if Pogba wants to go. But, as we're continuing to hear from Pogba whenever he speaks, he is happy at Juventus, therefore he has given no indication of a desire to leave Turin. It's as simple as that, and certainly Juventus has shown the fortitude to resist any kind of big-money big for Pogba in the past.

So much for all of those rumors out there that say Pogba has expressed his desire to leave Juventus ASAP. Funny how the neglect to mention, you know, what the actual player discussed really thinks, but who am I to judge.