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VOTD: Juventus Primavera defeats Palermo to win the 2016 Viareggio Cup

Juventus' Primavera squad has gotten the first leg of a potential treble out of the way thanks to a 3-2 win over country rivals Palermo in the final of the 2016 Viareggio Cup on Wednesday afternoon.

Big fellas win trophies. Little fellas win trophies. There seems to be a trend here.

Even with a squad that was nowhere near full strength due to a variety of Under-21 and Under-19 teams having games during the current international break. But once striker Alessio Di Massimo converted a penalty with just over 10 minutes to go in regular time, Juventus had snagged the lead once and for all in a game that seemed to be hanging on a thread from the opening kickoff.

Juventus also held leads of 1-0 and 2-1 thanks to goals from midfielders Grigoris Kastonas and Guido Vadala, respectively. Palermo obviously equalized, though, forcing the game to be decided until the final stages of the second half.

I'll go along with Mr. Grosso and say this: Good job, kids. Now one of you come through the ranks and actually make an impact with the senior team. Better yet, Juventus' senior squad. That would be nice.