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Leonardo Bonucci injury: Juventus defender not seriously hurt after scare in Germany friendly

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Claudio Villa/Getty Images

About 18 hours ago, the thoughts regarding Leonardo Bonucci's injury that forced him to be subbed off against Germany were nothing even remotely positive. Then, after reading what he had to say about it, saying that he "heard a crack," and you couldn't help but think one of Juventus' most important players might be set to have a long spell on the sidelines.

Turns out, all of those fears can now turn to the exact opposite.

Juventus announced Wednesday afternoon that Bonucci will miss all of three days — yes, ONLY THREE FREAKING DAYS — before making his grand return to training. No muscle tears, no nothing, really. Behold, one of the best medical updates we have ever received on Juventus' official website in the history of the Juventus official club website:

After sustaining an injury in yesterday's international friendly match between Italy and Germany, Leonardo Bonucci underwent medical tests to ascertain the extent of the damage. These ruled out any muscle tears.

The defender will now rest up for three days before easing back into the team's training schedule.

What the exact definition of "easing back into the team's training schedule" truly means is beyond me, but yeah, sigh of freaking relief here. The sentence immediately before that one makes things a-okay.

Maybe we see him in the return to the field this weekend against Empoli. Or maybe we don't see him this weekend against Empoli. Either way is perfectly fine with me simply because of what the diagnosis was. He will be back sooner rather than later — or six weeks or even a few months from now — and that's perfectly fine.

Everything is fine now, and that's the best we could have hoped for. Turns out that crack Bonucci heard moments before being carried off on a stretcher was really nothing at all. That's the best we could have asked for. Maybe, just maybe, Juventus have some kind of good standing with the injury gods after the season that has been this year.