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Report: Juventus want to keep Mario Lemina on loan for another season

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Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

International breaks give us plenty of gems. Many of which involve fantasy rather than fact. No doubt about it, there's even more fantasy football than during the months where the transfer windows are actually open for business. That's just how things go when there's only a couple of days of football to actually talk about during this latest two-week break from the Serie A grind.

I guess what I'm trying to suggest is that this isn't your normal Tuttosport transfer rumor where Juventus are going to sell Paul Pogba and then buy four or five players with the cash they get. No, it involves Juventus keeping Mario Lemina around a little longer. And, according to that same Turin-based sports media outlet by the name of Tuttosport (via Football Italia), essentially under the same kind of conditions as his current deal — season-long loan, then an option to buy at the conclusion of the season.

Yep, a Beppe Marotta loan-with-option-to-buy special. Or what brought Lemina to Turin in the first place, but just another round of it, that's all.

Ever since Lemina arrived from Marseille over the summer on loan, the €9.5 million option to buy has been worked into the deal. But evaluating the 22-year-old midfielder hasn't exactly been easy. He's shown flashes, but his lengthy injury absence and limited playing have both prevented him from regular playing time and determining whether the transfer fee this summer to make the deal permanent is a good investment.

And with Juve only competing on two fronts now — still sad about that, man — and only three points ahead of Napoli, the opportunities for playing time may be hard to come by knowing the circumstances.

But hey, if it's a loan deal with the same kind of conditions as the current one is going to be the groundwork of something for next season, why not, right?