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Report: Napoli making push to sign Juventus defender Martin Cáceres on a free transfer

Seeing those high socks in those Napoli colors...I don't know about all of this.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

As the days and weeks tick off Martin Cáceres' contract, where he will be playing football next season becomes more of a thing to pay attention to. Contract extension with Juventus? Free transfer to somewhere else in Italy? Maybe a return to where he first got a taste of big-time football in Spain?

Word out of Italy on Wednesday is that Cáceres could very well end up with Juventus' closest competition for the Scudetto this season. Here's more from Sky Sport Italia's Gianluca Di Marzio:

Martin Caceres is set to leave Juventus. The versatile defender born in 1987 has an expiring contract with the bianconeri, and Napoli is pushing to sign him on a free transfer. The partenopei's sporting director Giuntoli spoke to Caceres' agent Daniel Fonseca recently and there could be further developments. Fonseca will return to Italy next week, he will talk to his client about Napoli's offer, while there also other options, extending with Juventus is no longer an alternative. There are positive sensations with Napoli's offer, the negotiation is off to a good start- but until the signature arrives anything can happen. Caceres is on his way out at Juventus, Napoli is waiting for his answer.

I guess the major thing to pay attention to in the above report is that whole "Caceres is set to leave Juventus" thing. I mean, right off the bat, 'BANG! It's Cáceres leaving and there's nothing you can do about it, jerk!'

Then again, Cáceres leaving was always going to be a possibility after the season got started. Be it because of his lengthy list of injuries, his personal issues off the field or the fact that he will be coming off a very serious season-ending Achilles injury, there are more signs pointing toward Juventus and Cáceres going their separate ways than the Uruguayan defender re-upping his contract for another season or two.

If Cáceres' representative is truly set to be in Italy this week, this surely isn't he last we've heard of what the future might hold for the long-sock-sporting defender. So, prepare yourself, folks, because we're bound to get a Napoli-Cáceres update sooner rather than later. Sounds great, doesn't it?