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Juventus defender Daniele Rugani replaces Andrea Barzagli in Italy squad for Spain, Germany friendlies

The future.
The future.
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Daniele Rugani spent Monday training with the Italy Under-21 squad. Come Tuesday morning, he'll be moving up the ladder and working with the big boys for the next week and a half as they prepare for two of their final friendlies before the European Championships this summer.

As he's done a couple of times this season, Rugani is coming in to replace the injured Andrea Barzagli. Instead of this being during a Juventus game, it will be during the current international break, with the 21-year-old defender getting the call up to Italian national team from the Azzurrini for their friendlies against Span and Germany.

Now that you've seen Rugani's strong jawline and his wonderfully coiffed hair, we can get back to the fact that one Juventus defender has been forced to step in for another because the original call-up has been injured.

In a season of injuries, to see a Juventus player have to pull out of international duty due to some sort of muscle injury isn't that much of earth-shattering news. But to see Barzagli, a player who has certainly had his fair share of muscle tweaks and strains over the years, get hurt the first day away from Turin, it makes you want to put your palm to your face and then just shake your head.

I guess the good thing is that Antonio Conte and the Italy doctors decided to send Barzagli back to Turin almost immediately after he picked up the muscle strain in his left leg. So while await any kidn of news as to whether Paulo Dybala is going to miss any sort of time with his injury that forced him out of the Derby della Mole, let's add Barzagli to the list of injury-related information we're waiting for. It's pretty fun, ain't it? Not really, no.