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Report: Juventus manager Max Allegri will extend his contract next week; Gianluigi Buffon to extend as well?

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

When Beppe Marotta speaks about Max Allegri, it's one guy essentially confirming that the other guy isn't going anywhere. That's not new to a lot of us who read what Beppe says on a regular basis. The support is strong, and that means that Allegri won't suddenly up and leave with his bags packed for green pastures.

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport on Friday morning, the day where Allegri re-ups his current contract — and gets a nice raise in the process — may very well be just a few short sleeps away.

We've been hearing for weeks and weeks and weeks now that Allegri will extend his contract. Maybe this is the truth and come Monday after Juve potentially still bask in the glow of another Turin derby win we we will see Allegri and Marotta shaking hands on the club's official website after signing the new contract. Or maybe it's just complete hooey and an official announcement of what everybody expects to happen will be something that needs more time to finalize.

The interesting part in all of this is that the Gazzetta also states that Juve goalkeeper will extend his contract another two seasons. Not that it should surprise anybody, either, but the amount of contract talk respectively surrounding Allegri and Buffon aren't even close to one another. Buffon, who has said he will retire after the 2018 in recent months, is clearly deserving of a contract of however long he so desires. That's just what happens when you're the best in the business.

So maybe contract extension season is upon us once again. With no more Champions League football this season, we probably need something to take up our time anyway. Beside that whole winning a fifth straight Scudetto thing, that is.