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Juventus manager Max Allegri explains his subs against Bayern

Allegri's comments after a tough loss in Munich

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

For about two-thirds of Wednesday night's game, Juventus were pulling off a shock 2-0 win at UEFA Champions League favorites Bayern Munich. However, the tide turned towards the hosts after substitutions made by both sides , with Bayern equalizing the game and aggregate score late in time added on, and then scoring twice against an exhausted Juve in extra time.

It was a heroic performance by the Bianconeri, but in the end none of that counts as they are knocked out of the Champions League, the last bastion for this team that has conquered all in Italy year after year.

After the game, this is what the manager Massimiliano Allegri had to say -

"It's a shame to be eliminated after a performance like that, against a Bayern side that has extraordinary players.

"Football is wonderful because with a minute to go in the first half, Juan Cuadrado could've made it 3-0, Alvaro Morata had important chances and Stephan Lichtsteiner could've scored a crucial goal.

"Mario Mandzukic hit the goalkeeper square on in extra time and we could've opened it up again even after going 4-2 down.

"Winning 2-0 at half-time was not easy, we played with character and should've controlled the last two balls better. Above all on the first goal we should've put it out for a throw-in."

Striker Alvaro Morata had an amazing game, and was very unfortunate to have a goal disallowed for offside when he was very clearly on side. Allegri refused to comment on the refereeing though -

"There's no point talking about the referee. I only compliment my team. It was an important test for us, even with a new line-up we played on level terms with one of the favourites to win the Champions League.

"It's a shame, we are upset, but have to put this aside because on Sunday there's the Turin Derby and then the break will let us recover some of the injured players."

In the minutes after the game, fans have criticized the manager for his substitutions. Allegri felt he made the right choice, but refused to outright blame his players -

"I introduced someone fresh like Mandzukic who could hold the ball up. I thought Bayern's two little defenders at the back couldn't put up with him.

"Unfortunately, he then went very deep and they raised the two centre-backs. We should've been sharper in our goal-scoring opportunities and do some situations better.

"It's a shame, as with the equaliser we should've been sharper and more clear-headed. They weren't doing much at all and it wouldn't have been a danger.

"After 70 minutes we lost intensity, that is football..."

Kingsley Coman, who is on loan to Bayern from Juve, was the main destroyer for the hosts and Allegri was asked about the player -

"He had a good game and with the goal was able to run into open space. He's improving a lot and can do very well in Germany, because he's in a team eight steps above the rest and therefore has space to show his quality."