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Álvaro Morata, Juan Cuadrado counter Bayern Munich to death, put Juventus up two goals

Ladies and gentlemen, that's how you execute a counterattack.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Suddenly, Juventus finds itself the team that is shocking just about everybody in sight. And that includes their own fans.

Twenty-five minutes after Paul Pogba stunned the Allianz Arena crowd with his fifth-minute goal, Álvaro Morata and Juan Cuadrado teamed up for one of the best counterattacks you will see this season. It not only put Juventus up 2-0 in the game, but also gave the reigning Serie A champions a 4-2 lead on aggregate in what has turned out to be a game that few people expected to go this kind of way.

Watch Morata. Watch Cuadrado. Just watch in absolute amazement because we all are right now.

If there's something wrong with that goal, you're a jerk.

Coaches and managers should walk up to their players, pull out their tablets or phones and show them how to properly execute a counter. The run by Morata was absolutely amazing. The fake by Cuadrado to lose the first defender was crazy. And just the fantastic finish was the cherry on top to extend Juve's shocking 2-0 lead even further.

Sit back and defend, right? Not quite, guys.

So, who had Juventus up 2-0 within the first 30 minutes on Bayern's home turf? Go play the lottery and hit the casino if you did because it's obviously your lucky day.