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Giorgio Squinzi wants Domenico Berardi to stay at Sassuolo next season

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

With the 2015-16 season starting to hit the final stretch drive, It's going to be impossible for Sassuolo owner Giorgio Squinzi to talk to the press without the future of Domenico Berardi being discussed. It's only one of the biggest transfer stories everybody will be following this summer, so questions are bound to be there no matter who he talks to and when he opens his mouth.

Take, say, Monday as the latest example when Squinzi was interviewed by Radio Anch'io Lo Sport. There was talk of Sassuolo's current season and the status of another one of the club's most valuable assets, manager Eusebio Di Francisco. But naturally things turned to Berardi and his possible move to Juventus during the upcoming summer transfer window.

Here are those words from Mr. Squinzi for all of us to read and wonder over...

"Domenico Berardi? Why can't his future be at Sassuolo? I hope he stays another year, though I wouldn't want to limit his growth.

"He found the right environment here. The Coach is excellent at developing youngsters.

"Juventus have an option on Berardi, but I'm hopeful he will stay. The idea of him leaving to Juventus alongside Di Francesco is pure fantasy though. Besides, [current Coach Max] Allegri is excellent, he led us up to Serie B and I was sorry I let him go to Cagliari.

(Source: Football Italia)

I don't know where the whole 'Di Francesco in for Allegri' talking point has come from seeing as Max is a certainty to extend his contract and stay at Juventus, but we'll keep things focused on Berardi because that's why we're here.

Squinzi is always there to remind us that Juventus has an option to buy Berardi this summer. Of course, that naturally makes you question whether the rumors floating around the last week or two about other Italian clubs trying to buy Berardi this summer have any kind of validity to them. (They probably don't, so there's that.) It will take €25 million for Juventus to sign Berardi this summer, as Squinzi has said in the past. We've got that going for us, which is nice.

So, until the next time Squinzi says he wants Berardi to stay at Sassuolo, I guess we're just gonna have to wait until the summer transfer window is about to smack us in the face or, you know, actually arrives before wheels get set into motion.