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Watch: Paulo Dybala pulls a Del Piero, puts Juventus ahead of Sassuolo with curling strike

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This goal, it was a pretty goal.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

When you mention how Paulo Dybala hasn't scored a goal in four league games in your match preview, he certainly has a way of putting those words to bed once and for all. And in quite impressive fashion, too.

After a few close calls in the opening 30 minutes against Sassuolo on Friday night, Dybala broke the scoreless deadlock with an absolute peach of a goal to put Juventus in front 1-0 in the 35th minute. With a big assist from Juan Cuadrado, Dybala scored for 14th time in Serie A this season, and the first time he found the back of the net in league play since his goal against Frosinone on Feb. 7.

Now, go ahead and watch. And get plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings.

I mean, I'm gonna need a second or two after that goal. Seriously, watch it again.

You're not going to see too many of those the rest of the season. You can trust me on that one.

Dybala's left foot is a gift, really. If you wish you had the ability to hit a ball with your left foot like Dybala can, you're certainly not alone. He nearly scored within the first minute of the game with a left-footed volley, but saw Andrea Consigli just get a fingertip to it to send it over the bar. Sassuolo's talented Italian keeper didn't get it a second time, though, as Dybala curled it into the back post like a certain Alessandro Del Piero to put Juventus in front.

But watch the build-up play between Dybala and Cuadrado that set things up. The 1-2 combination, then the long run down the right wing by Cuadrado. It was as pretty as pretty goals get, that's for sure.