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Martín Cáceres injury: Juventus defender out for rest of the season with torn Achilles tendon

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When it comes to injuries, this isn't Martín Cáceres' first rodeo. And when it came to his latest one, suffered on Wednesday night against Genoa, Cáceres knew right away something wasn't right compared to just a few moments earlier. That's why as he was stretchered off the field, his hands were over his face and tears were rolling down onto his chin. He knew this wasn't good.

Thursday, we received confirmation.

Cáceres, who will be out of a contract come the end of June, has seen his 2015-16 season come to an end with this latest long-term injury. The 28-year-old Uruguayan will be out for the next five or six months at the very least due to his Achilles tendon going pop in the second half of the 1-0 win over Genoa at Juventus Stadium. It's the latest in the long line of injuries for Cáceres, but this one might be the topper of them all — especially when you consider the timing and possible repercussions of it.

From Juventus' official website:

Martin Caceres underwent a series of tests to ascertain the full extent of his injury. These confirmed a torn right Achilles tendon and the player will have surgery tomorrow.

Who knows what Cáceres' future with Juventus was going to be even before the Achilles tendon injury happened. Talk of a contract extension basically disappeared when he was suspended after his drunk driving incident. But recently, he had worked his way back into good standing with manager Max Allegri and was receiving a solid amount of playing time spelling either Andrea Barzagli or Giorgio Chiellini.

Now, it's even more of an uncertainty.

There is no doubting that Cáceres is a very good player to have on the roster — when healthy. The problem is, especially over the last few years, his body hasn't exactly been kind to him. He's missed almost as many games as he's played in since he re-joined Juventus from Sevilla. And while he's been a quality player in most of those appearances, there's still the fact that remains out there he'd be utilized even more if he was so injury prone.

Regardless, please get well as soon as possible, Martín Cáceres. May we see pictures of you and your trademark high socks rehabbing at Vinovo real, real soon.